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What is MTN CASH?

MTN CASH is a campaign that aims to reward all MTN subscribers for the different uses they make on the network: calls, SMS, Internet, Mobile Money, EasyBooster, subscription to bundle

Who is eligible

All MTN subscribers registered on the MTN GO, Pro control or MTN Extra tariff plans.

How it works ?

• Each day, the Participant receives a consumption objective via SMS.

• During the day, all the customer's consumption are cumulatively accumulated for all uses: SMS, calls and internet, purchase of packages ...

• When the customer reaches his consumption objective of the day, he receives bonus communication airtime (calls to MTN) and becomes eligible for the day's raffle and the week's raffle. A notification will be sent. Verification code: * 160 * 99 #

• Each day, a draw is made, and 300 participants share 1,500,000 CFA (one million five hundred CFA francs), or 5000F per winner.

• Each week, a draw is made, and a participant earns 2,000,000 CFA francs (2 million CFA francs)

NB: As many times as, the subscriber has reached his daily goal, as many times his number will appear in the draw list of the week. Which increases his chances of winning.

How to know my target?

To know your target, you must dial the code * 160 #. In addition to this real time, the customer is informed of his goal by push SMS every 2 days.

How do I know what remains to be consumed to participate in the draw?

You can query your consumption at any time to find out what is left to do to participate in the draw by typing * 160 #.

Which transactions are taken into account to participate in the game?


• Internet out of the box

• Calls

• Purchase, renewal of packages and sending packages to another subscriber.

• Purchase of packages via MTN MoMo

• EasyBooster and extension

• Borrowing packages by MTN Prolongation

And what are the MoMo transactions taken into account for the draw?

• Withdrawals of money.

• Money transfers to an MTN subscriber.

• Bill payments

• Purchase of communication credit and packages.

Who is eligible for the draw?

• All participants who meet their daily consumption goals are eligible for the next day's draw and the weekly draw.

• All participants who make at least one MoMo transaction are eligible for the next day's draw and the weekly draw.

NB: As many times as the participant reaches his daily goal or makes a MoMo transaction during the week, he has chances for the weekly draw.