Someone outside of Cameroon can now send money to another person in Cameroon, directly on his MoMo account.

How does it works ?

  • According to the country where you are, select your Money Transfer Operator
  • Use the website indicated to get more information on the customer journey for sender
  • Follow the step to send money to your beneficiary in Cameroon, precising his MoMo account

What are the eligible countries?

CountryPartnerWebsiteMobile App
South AfricaHello Paisa

Who is eligible ?

Any one outside Cameroun who has access to an authorized Money Transfer Operator web site or App or Agencies, can use it to send money to a MoMo Account in Cameroon

All MTN subscribers who have MTN Mobile Money account can receive money sent through incoming remittance service.

What is the cost?

The cost table is not shared by partners. Cost is different and depend from partners, country, change currency…