How it works?

To send money via MTN MoMo, you can use myMTN application, or

  • Dial the code *126#,
  • Select 1 "sending money".
  • Select 2 not MTN number ( Orange Cameroun, CBC Wallet, Express Union, BICEC Wallet, CCA Wallet, UBC, La Regionale, Sara ).

Enter the amount and confirm.

How much does it cost to send to a not MTN Number ?

Range in FcfaTransfer fee for a Non MTN MoMo subscriber (XAF)
XAF500 – XAF175,0002% + 0.2% of amount 
XAF175,000 – XAF5,000,000XAF3,500+ 0.2% of amount
The minimum amount to send is XAF500
The maximum amount to send is XAF5,000,000