What is MTN Virtual Private Server?

MTN VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is a solution for any company that needs a server but do not have space for one. MTN Server Virtual Hosting, hosts and manages the server for the customer.

 The standard server comprises a processor, memory, hard drives and network interfaces, but we will tailor the server to suit the business needs, allowing the company to modify it temporarily or permanently within hours. By modifying the server to suit the company’s requirements, the subscriber can also create various individual servers on one physical machine.
Whatever server type you need, we create, manage and host it for you while you enjoy reliable, secure and cost-effective server access;

What are the advantages?

MTN Server Virtual Hosting is the ideal cloud server hosting solution for your business as it offers the following:

  • Cost saving
  • Managed software license agreements
  • Flexibility for systems configurations

How to get this service?

To subscribe, go to :  https://store.mtnbusiness.cm

In case of difficulties with the service contact us here:




Page: https://web.facebook.com/MTNCAMEROON/

Messenger :




Account: https://twitter.com/MTNCameroon

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