What is MTN extra Surf?

MTN XTRA SURF is a formula of monthly internet subscription via WIMAX boxes

There are two types of Xtrasurf :

  • For individuals
  • For compagnies (Cyber most especially)

What should the Customer do to get a suscription ?


  • For individuals :
  • Buy a box at one of our agencies
  • Provide a copy of the ID card
  • Select the type of Subscription desired


  • For compagnies or Cybers :
  • Provide a location plan of the institution
  • Provide your Patent document
  • Select the type of Subscription desired

How much does it costs ?

  • For individuals
  • High debit 25000 CFA
  • Higher debit 40 000F CFA
  • Highest 60 000F CFA


  • Companies or cybers
  • High debit 30 000F CFA
  • Higher debit 45 000F CFA
  • Highest 65 000F CFA

NB/ For companies’ subscription the customer does not pay for the box.

It becomes his property after 2 years


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