What is MTN Extra?

MTN Extra is the new price plan that allows you to receive free MTN-MTN calls after the first minute at 1F / sec.


How to subscribe to MTN Extra?

To subscribe to MTN Extra, simply dial the code *122#. Approve and confirm your registration.


What is the difference between MTN Extra and the current tariff plan?

MTN Go Talk is the default tariff plan.

MTN Extra is an upgraded version where your MTN calls are charged 1F / sec (as per the rate plan by default) only the first minute then the rest of the call is FREE!


I like MTN Wanda. What does MTN Extra have?

No problem. If you subscribe to MTN Extra, you can still enjoy MTN Wanda Superbonus. MTN Extra will allow you to talk for a long time when your MTN Wanda bundle runs out.

So you can be on MTN Extra and enjoy MTN Wanda.


How can I know that my subscription to MTN Extra is effective?

After subscribing to MTN Extra, you will receive a notification, both for a successful subscription and for a failed subscription. You can also check your current tariff plan on myMTN or dial * 170 * 0 # 


Can I unsubscribe from MTN Extra after subscribing?

Yes. If you no longer want to enjoy the benefits of MTN Extra, just dial the code *122*0#. No fees are applied.  


How do I check my MTN Extra balance?

MTN Extra is your tariff tariff plan. To see your balance, dial as usual *155#.


What can I do with my MTN Extra tariff plan?

You can do everything with your MTN Extra package:

  • Make long calls to MTN, free after the first minute
  • Call other networks
  • Send text messages
  • Surf the Internet
  • And subscribe to the package of your choice.

How much are the calls charged on my MTN Extra rate plan?

  • To MTN numbers: 1F / sec until the first minute then FREE
  • To other networks: 1.5Fsec
  • Internationally: 3.6 F to other MTN operators and 5.1 F to others.


How much are SMS billed on my MTN Extra tariff plan?

  • SMS to MTN at 31F
  • SMS to another operator at 51F
  • An international SMS to 102F


How much is charged Internet on my tariff plan MTN EXTRA?

A customer who surfs the internet with MTN Extra is billed at 0.01F/KB 

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