MTN MoMo Terms and Conditions



This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which Mobile Money Corporation (MMC) makes the Electronic Money issued by the Bank available to the Holder.



For the purposes of this contract, the words and expressions below have the following meanings:

  • Acceptor: a person who accepts to receive payments via the MoMo Service;
  • Bank: Establishment authorized to issue electronic money;
  • Holder: the MoMo Account holder and signatory to the contract;
  • SIM card: MTN Cameroon subscriber identification module inserted into the mobile device which provides access to Mobile Money Services;
  • MoMo Account: Account in which the bearer’s transactions are recorded. It is attached to an MTNC telephone number;
  • Inactive MoMo Account: MoMo account where there has not been a transaction for a consecutive period of five months;
  • Contract: The present contract, including the endorsements and the registration form;
  • Distributor: Any person authorized by MMC to provide MoMo Services to Holders;
  • MMC: Mobile Money Corporation, a subsidiary of MTNC;
  • MoMo: Mobile Money, which is the brand under which MMC markets MoMo Services;
  • MTNC: MTN Cameroon, the owner of the electronic communications network through which MoMo Services are provided;
  • MoMo PIN: Personal secret code of the Holder only known by him, that allows him to access and manage his MoMo and Acceptor Account;
  • MoMo Services: all services rendered by MMC;
  • Transaction: any operation resulting in a change in the amount of the E-FLOAT;
  • E-FLOAT: Electronic Value Unit that represents the claim that the Holder has on the bank.



Only an MTNC subscriber can open a MoMo Account.

An MTNC subscriber can only open one MoMo Account regardless of the number of SIMs he has.

The opening of a MoMo Account is done with MMC or any authorized distributor.

MMC reserves the right to refuse a request to open a MoMo Account.

At the opening of the account the Holder must complete the subscription form and provide an identity document including his photograph and all other documents required by MMC.  After opening the MoMo Account, MMC may require an update of the information or additional items.  The Holder must provide them.



The balance of the MoMo Account consists of E-FLOAT issued by the Bank.  Each E-FLOAT has a face value of one CFA franc.

The balance of the MoMo Account does not generate interest.  This provision may be unilaterally modified by MMC at its discretion.  Debit Transactions are performed as soon as they are authorized with the MoMo PIN.  The Holder is only required to provide MMC with the MoMo Pin for confirmation.

The Holder receives an SMS notification after each transaction. This SMS includes the amount of the fees collected and the new balance.

He can also get his balance and a limited transaction history at any time on his mobile phone.

All MoMo Transactions are done through the MoMo Account within the regulatory thresholds below. These thresholds are subject to change.


Type Limit Per Transaction Limit Per



Limit Per



Cash In (Deposits) 500,000 2,000,000 10,000,000
Pull from Bank (Deposit by Bank Transfer) 500,000 5,000,000 10,000,000
Cash Out (Withdrawal) 500,000 750,000 10,000,000
P2P (Person to Person) 1,000,000 1,500,000 10,000,000
Payments 1,000,000 2,500,000 10,000,000
Total (Cumulative) Transactions   3,000,000 10,000,000
Total (Weekly) Transactions   5,000,000  
Maximum Account Balance   5,000,000  



Pricing is based on the amount and nature of the transaction.  Fee information is available at MMC agencies or at distributors.  Fee information can be obtained on www.mtn.cm.

This pricing is subject to change.  MMC will notify the Holder of the change through the same channels.



Except in the cases provided for in this contract, the MoMo Account is opened for an unlimited period.


The MoMo Account can be blocked temporarily or permanently by MMC for the following reasons:

  • At the request of the competent authorities;
  • Documentation not up to date;
  • During the course of an internal investigation following a suspicious or fraudulent transaction; or
  • For any other technical reason.

The MoMo Account can be closed in the following cases:

  • At the request of the Holder;
  • Wrongdoing of the Holder, including the use of the Account for fraudulent purposes;
  • Lack of transactions for a period of 5 months; or
  • Death or incapacity of the Holder. The balance of the account is only handed over to the legally authorized persons after completion of the legal formalities.

The MoMo Account is suspended or closed if there is no transaction for a period of five months.

In the event of suspension or closure of the MoMo Account, the available balance of the MoMo Account is made available to the Holder at the MMC counters upon presentation of the identification documents and any other items that MMC may require from the Holder. The reimbursement comes at no cost other than those strictly necessary for the repayment transaction.

Inactive MoMo Account balances are returned to the Bank for transfer to the entity in charge of dormant bank accounts.


Only one MoMo PIN is attached to a MoMo Account at a given time. Said PIN is known only to the Holder. This can be changed by contacting MMC or its Distributors.

The Holder is the sole user of the MoMo PIN and as such only responsible for Transactions made with his MoMo PIN.

Holding the SIM card alone does not give access to the MoMo account. However, the Holder must inform MMC in case of theft or loss of his SIM card.


The Holder agrees to:

  • Not disclose their MoMo Pin;
  • Not use or allow others to use their MoMo Account for illegal purposes or for any purpose likely to harm the interests of MMC or third parties;
  • Inform MMC of changes to the information provided when opening the account;
  • Provide MMC, upon initial request, any and all information or items.


MMC can make changes to the MoMo Service at any time.  Such changes come into effect as soon as they are brought to the attention of the Holder.

Information is communicated to the Holder either by SMS, publication to agencies and Distributors, or publication to the website www.mtn.cm.


This Contract is governed by Cameroonian law. Unresolved disputes will be submitted to the competent courts of Douala or Yaounde.


MMC ensures the traceability of the Holder’s operations for ten years. The information related to the Holder and its transactions are kept for a period of ten years from the closing of the account. They may be communicated by MMC to the competent authorities and used for the direct marketing of MoMo products and services.

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