Paying ENEO bills via MTN Mobile Money

Pay your ENEO bills in 2 minutes without moving!

Using your cell phone, settle your ENEO bills or that of a third party. To do so, you will need:

  • To subscribe to MTN Mobile Money
  • To provision your account at an MTN service center or a partner of MTN Mobile Money
  • Obtain 2 types of information (the invoice reference number or ENEO contract number) in the MTN Mobile Money menu, after dialing * 126 # or your myMTN application.

You can also safely pay your ENEO bills online at www.mobilemoney.cm. You will instantly receive an SMS confirmation upon payment. The SMS contains the details of the transaction: the contract number and the amount paid.

Download the electricity bill payment manual here.

How does it work?

  • Dial *126*1#
  • Choose 2 for « Pay Bills », then 1 for ENEO
  • Type the reference
  • Type the amount
  • PIN Code

NB: The reference is at the upper right of your invoice. If you do not have the current invoice at hand, you can always type the ENEO subscriber number, located under your name, Contract No. The system will display the reference of the invoice pending and the amount.






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