Customers registration explained

 Why am I suspended?

Your line may be suspended for one of the reasons below:

  1. Your identity card has expired
  2. You identified yourself with an expired receipt of the national ID
  3. Your identity card is illegible
  4. You are under 21 and you have not provided information about your parent/guardian
  5. You have more than 3 numbers registered with the same identity card

How to get identified?

Find the process HERE

How many lines can I identify with my name?

According to the recommendations of Art, any customer can identify up to three (03) lines per operator. If you have more, thank you for our supports mentioned below. Otherwise, go to the nearest agency. Complete and sign the appropriate forms, ie letter of commitment and request for additional line forms.

How to check if I’m correctly identified?

Simply text « status » to 8758. It’s FREE.


How to check the number of lines identified under my number?

Simply text your national ID number  to 8758. It’s FREE.


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