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MTN Easy Booster is the 3 in 1 offer for customers who are on the prepaid tariff plan (voice calls, SMS, data) which allows them to benefit from 300% bonus on your refills. 


How does it work? 

  •  First, dial *167*1# 
  •  Then perform a refill between 100 and 4999 FCFA through one of the following ways: EVD, Mobile Money, Voucher. 


The types of Easy Booster

There are 3 Easy Booster offers and, depending on the amount of your refill you will automatically get the corresponding one. The mechanism is thus the following: 

  • When you perform a refill after dialing the activation code, you will receive the amount of your refill on your Easy Booster main account for normal use (calls, SMS, internet) as your MTN main account; 
  • In addition, you receive 300% bonus as below: 
  • 100% bonus for voice calls (all destinations) 
  • 100% bonus for SMS
  • 100% bonus for data 

For example, if you dial *167*1# and perform a refill of 200f, you will receive: 

  • 200 F as Easy Booster Main Credit (usable as a main account credit) 
  • 200 F for voice call bonus 
  • 200 F for SMS bonus 
  • 200 F for internet bonus 


Price and validity of the offer

Range of recharge (FCFA) 

Easy booster offer 


[100; 249] 

Easy booster offer 1 

1 day 

[250; 1,499] 

Easy booster offer 2 

3 days 

[1,500; 4,999] 

Easy booster offer 3 

7 days 

The validity of your bonuses depends on the amount of your refill, as detailed in the table below.


Are the Easy Booster offer cumulative? 

The Easy Booster offer is partially cumulative. They are cumulative for the main Easy Booster credit and the voice call bonus but are not for the SMS and internet bonuses. 


To check the balance

To check the balance of your Easy Booster credit, dial *159*80#.

Calls and SMS Bonus valid only to MTN.

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