Me2U Airtime transfer

What is it?

Me2U transfer is an MTN value-added service that enables Pay As You Go customers to transfer airtime from their account to another MTN Pay As You Go number.

How to subscribe?


Subscribe to Me2U service by creating your 4 digits Me2U code: 
*150*9999* Me2U code# (send) 
Creation of the code is mandatory for your first Me2U transfer

Transfer airtime to your friends in MTN prepaid option 
*150*amount* number* Me2U code # (send)

Optional: change your Me2U code for security reasons: *150*old code *new code#

Subscription to Me2U airtime transfer service is free.


How much does it cost?

The Me2U sender's account is debited by 5%of the transfer amount. Ex: If a subscriber transfers 1.000 FCFA, the account of the Me2U receiver is credited with 1.000 FCFA, while the sender’s account is debited by 1.050 FCFA.

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