MTN Prolongation

Do you feel insecure when you are out of credit? Or your credit is exhausted and you have an urgent call to make?

MTN Prolongation is for you. With MTN Prolongation, you can borrow and refund credit on your next refill.

How it works?

Simply dial *121# and select the amount to be borrowed as displayed in the menu. You can also directly request an amount by dialing *121*amount#.  Once the requested credit has been received, you can check the balance by entering the code *159*86#.


What are the benefits of this service to customers?

With MTN Prolongation, customers can buy the following bundles offered by MTN:

  • MTN Wanda
  • Internet Bundles
  • WhatsApp Bundles
  • SMS Unlimitext Bundles
  • International Bundles
  • Go Bundles


How much does it cost?

Free of charge if you reimburse within 24 hours, otherwise, you shall be levied a fee of 10% which will be added to the borrowed sum and recovered during your subsequent refills. See table below for more details:

You can check your unpaid advance balance by following the steps below:

  • Dial *121#
  • Press the “#” key or “00” for more options
  • Press “2” to check your unpaid advance balance
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