What is MTN Magic?

MTN Magic are the new bundles for calls with Internet or not, suited to the style of each customer looking for simplicity, and allowing to enjoy free calls with One Magic Number,

To call all local networks at the same price, plus calls to international

What is a Magic Number?

A Magic Number is an MTN number allowing the customer to enjoy free calls: the subscriber of an MTN Magic bundle calls the number for free and the selected Magic Number calls the customer for free.

What MTN Magic bundles allow to do?

MTN Magic bundles are available in two versions:

  • Magic MIX: All-in-one, with calls towards all networks in Cameroon and international, Internet volume to surf longer enough, plus SMS to all networks.
  • Magic TALK: Exclusive bundles for calls, valid towards all networks in Cameroon and international, plus SMS to all networks.

What are the validities?

Each version is available in 4 validities:

  • 24 hours,
  • 3 days,
  • 7 days (1 week),
  • 30 days (1 month).

How to add a magic number?

To add a magic number, the customer shall:

  • Dial the code *211# then choose 4 or simply dial the code *211*4#
  • Then select Option 1 to set your magic number and confirm

What is the magic number validity?

Magic number is valid until the expiration of the customer’s last MTN Magic bundle. The same magic number is valid for all MTN Magic bundles.

Is it possible to change the magic number?

Yes, the set magic number could be changed at any time during the validity of an MTN Magic bundle. However, any change of magic number will cost 500F.

How to change a magic number?

To change a magic number,

  • First delete the current Magic Number by dialing the code *211*4# and selecting Option 2 – Delete,
  • You could then set the new magic number

How to check the magic number?

To check the magic number, the customer should, dial the code *211*4# then choose Option 3 – Consult

How to subscribe to an MTN Magic bundle?

To subscribe to an MTN Magic bundle, simply dial the code *211# on any phone or in the MyMTN app if the customer has an Android phone/smartphone.

Who can subscribe to MTN Magic Bundles?

All prepaid customers on the following MTN’s tariff plans:

  • Go,
  • Extra,
  • Pro Control,
  • Elite Postpaid,
  • Elite Corporate,
  • Biz Flexi.

How to subscribe to MTN Magic bundles?

To buy an MTN Magic bundle, simply dial the code *211# then make your choice.

When an MTN Magic bundle expires, what happens to the magic number?

The magic number expires with the customer’s last MTN Magic bundle. However, from the next time subscribed MTN Magic bundle, the magic number is automatically reactivated.

Can a customer who has previously activated an MTN Go Plans, Go Plans +, or voice bundle be able to activate MTN Magic on the same day?

Of course, he will just have to redefine (Add) his magic number for his MTN Magic bundles.

Can I subscribe to multiple MTN Magic bundles at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to subscribe to several bundles.

How to activate the automatic renewal of my bundle?

To activate automatic renewal, simply dial *211*100# then choose 1 a reminder is sent to the by SMS 6 hours before automatic renewal.

How to deactivate the automatic renewal of my bundle?

To deactivate automatic renewal, simply dial * 211*100# then choose 2.

What is the billing priority when a customer activates several different bundles simultaneously?

Generally, the account that expires first is debited first.

An account which makes a specific use (calls, SMS, or Internet) is debited before an account which makes several (call and Internet or call and SMS or call, SMS, and Internet)