What is MTN Tracking+ ?

MTN Tracking is a prepaid tracking solution for vehicles marketed in partnership with CAMTRACK, the Cameroonian leader in vehicle tracking.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to MTN Tracking+, you can:

  • Go to the MTN agencies
  • Pay via the MTN Tracking + app, downloadable via PlayStore or AppStore
  • Go to CAMTRACK, Douala or Yaoundé or call 671210202

Who is eligible?

All individuals holding vehicles, owners of commercial vehicles (taxis for example), SMEs and SMIs are eligible for the MTN Tracking + service.

How does it costs?

  • A fixed price of 40.000FCFA allows the acquisition of a GPS Kit, an MTN 4G SIM carda web portal, a mobile application and a space of backup (cloud)
  • Below is the rate of subscriptions;

*TAYG : Tracking As You Go*

How to pay or renew my subscription, geolocate my vehicle once I became a customer?

  • Dial * 041# to pay or renew your subscription
  • You can also use the mobile application MTN Tracking to pay or renew your subscription, geolocate your car, etc.

Can I pay from another phone other than mine?

Yes, it is entirely possible to pay from another phone. On the subscription page in the mobile application, enter your number or the number of your choice to renew your subscription.