What is MTN Wanda referral campaign?

MTN Wanda Referral is a service which allows MTN Wanda subscribers to recommend MTN Wanda bundles to non MTN Wanda subscribers in order to get some bonus for MTN calls once the non-subscribers purchase their first MTN Wanda bundle.

How does it work?

  • If you ¬†are already MTN Wanda subscribers dial the USSD code (*138#) in order to see the list of customers to who they can recommend the purchase of MTN Wanda bundles. The list of customers to who you can recommend MTN Wanda bundles will be selected among the customers with whom you use to interact via calls or SMS.
  • Once you select a number in the menu, you will get confirmation of the referral and the MSISDN selected in the menu will also receive a SMS on behalf of the referrer which will ask them to purchase a MTN Wanda bundle.
  • If the non MTN Wanda user who got the recommendation purchases a MTN Wanda bundle within 7 days after the recommendation, the customer who did the recommendation will get the same amount of the bonus of the MTN Wanda bundle activated by the referred customer and he will get a notification.

Which destinations can be called with the bonus?

Customer can only make on net Calls with the voice bonus.

Can a same non-Wanda user get the recommendation from multiple customers at same time?

Non-Wanda user can be only get recommendation from one customer at a point of time.

Can I benefit from the bonus more than once?

You can benefit the bonus only once for each non- user who start subscribing to MTN Wanda.

How to check the bonus?

You can check the bonus by dialing *159*76#.

How is the voice bonus billed?

The Voice bonus is billed at 4F/s.

What is the bonus validity?

If not use the bonus expired at 11:59PM.