What is MTN KATHIR? 

It’s the new offer for our subscribers in Mora, Mokolo, Maroua, Amchidé and the department of Logone & Chari in the Far North region,

How it works?

Enter the code * 167 * 2 # and discover the list of the three offers available then choose the offer that suits you. You are then charged the corresponding amount and you immediately receive the corresponding bonuses.

Who is eligible?

MTN KATHIR is reserved for prepaid subscribers (on MTN Go and MTN Extra) living in the departments of Mora and Logone and Chari.

What are the different offers? 

The offers are as follows:

  • Kathir 100 : 100F=1000F/MTN + 100F/Autres* + 50 SMS/24H
  • Kathir 200 : 200F=2000F/MTN + 200F/Autres + 100Mo + 100 SMS/48H
  • Kathir 500 : 500F=5000F/MTN + 500F/Autres + 250 Mo + 100 SMS/72H
  • Kathir+ 150 : 150F= 60min/jour  + 75Mo. Validity : one day, till midnight.
  • Kathir+ 250 ;  250F= 60min/jour + 200Mo + validity of two days. 
  • Kathir+ 500: 500F= 60min/jour + 500Mo + validity of three days

N.B :  For Kathir + bundle, for each extension of your bundle (subscription of the same bundle before expiry): 

  • The minutes of call per day are accumulated for the following day, the remaining balance + 60min. 
  • The internet volume is cumulative.
  • The validity is considered from the date of extension. 

Facturation: 1F/s for on-net calls and 2.5F/s for off-net calls


How do I check my balance? 

By typing *167*99 # and choose the bundle you want to balance

If I'm out of the indicated areas, can I subscribe to a MTN KATHIR bundle? 

No. When you are out of Mora, Mokolo, Maroua, Amchidé and of the departments of Mora, Logone and Chari; you are no longer eligible for the MTN KATHiR packages.

Can I use the profits of MTN KATHIR out of the departments of Mora, Logone and Chari once I have subscribed to a bundle? 

No. Bonus calls specifically are only allowed in northern areas. However, if you get free calls, you can call all MTN numbers no matter which region you are in