What is it ?

It is a business offer that offers customers calls, SMS, internet, preferred numbers and intra-fleet calls.

What are the benefits?

• Budget reduction: Doubled plans with credit reloading possible and unused credit report, per second rate,

• Improving your productivity; Free communications with ALL your colleagues, free SMS, free Internet volume, outgoing Roaming minutes on 15 destinations, gain on Global Call time.

What are the offers?

 Tarrif calls : 1.5F/sec

How to subscribe?

1- Make a list of all users, define the bundle of each user and specify the existing numbers. (MTN will provide new numbers to those who do not have them)

2- Provide the ID Cards of all users.

3- Fill in and sign the cards at your disposal

4- Make available: the business register, the taxpayer's card, the location plan, the certificate of non-royalty.

NB ; The process is FREE