What is YABADOO?

Yabadoo is a mobile application (iOS and Android) that lets users watch live TV channels as well as on-demand movies and series. For the moment, users stream videos and cannot yet download for offline viewing. To access a specific content or pack of contents, customers will first subscribe to this content or pack of contents. Once he has subscribed he can then enjoyed contents during the subscription period.

Traffic and streaming on YABADOO is “zero rated”, meaning that traffic on YABADOO is not deducted from subscriber data bundle or main account.

Who Is eligible?

All MTN customers are eligible to the service, prepaid and postpaid:

1.        Prepaid customers will be immediately debited from their main account.

2.        For postpaid customers, the subscription fees will be added to their monthly invoice.

How does it work?

To access the service, subscribers will first download YABADOO application:

  • Android phones: Download from Google Play
  • iPhones: App Store.

After app installation, the registration is similar to WhatsApp registration: the user will be asked to register with his phone number (no password required) and will receive a code by SMS to confirm that he owns the phone number. In the YABADOO mobile app, after registration, users can then discover and subscribe to available contents:

  • Bouquets of TV channel
  • Single TV channels.
  • Movies.
  • Serie Offers

How to subscribe to YABADOO content?

To subscribe to content on YABADOO, just click on the illustration of the content, check the price and confirm your choice.

Your will be charged from your main account for the subscription amount and you will automatically have access to your content. Your internet bundle is not charged when you use Yabadoo and you only pay for access to content (TV packages, movies / series on demand)

N.B ; Each Wednesday, you can enjoy for FREE a movie on YABADOO. No particular action to do, Just click on the concerned movie and watch !


  • You must be connected to the MTN network using the SIM that have subscribed a YABADOO content.
  • .In case of problems accessing the platform, make sure your internet settings do not include the proxy, and put as APN "mtnwap"

What are the Offers?

  • TV package

Bouquet name





Entry bouquet containing popular local TV channels. It targets the mass market.

CRTV, Canal 2 Int., STV, Vision 4, Afrique Media, DBS TV, Canal 2 movies, BoomTV, AfricaNews, TV5 Monde.

“English Only”

Bouquet focused on English channels.

CRTV, Canal 2 English, Africanews English, Sports TV, Football TV, Movies News, Series Zone, Gossip TV, Fashion TV, One TV, MboaMusik, Cartoon TV, Russia Today Documentary.


Kids & Youth contents

TiVi5 Monde, Cartoon TV, Mangas TV, Boom TV, Canal 2 Musik, MboaMusik, France 3, France 5, VOD package of animation movies.


Bouquet focused on Entertainment (cinema, sports, music, lifestyle)

TV5 Style, NinaTV, Vox Africa, France 2, France 3, Series News, Movies News, Gossip TV, Series Zone, Sports TV, Canal 2 Movies, Canal 2 Music, MBOAMUSIK.


Bouquet focused on News

CRTV News, Canal 2 Int., Vision 4, Afrique Media, DBS TV, AfricaNews, TV5 Monde, STV, Stadafric, France 24, France 2, France 5.


All channels

All channels.

  • On-demand movies and series : 

Subscriber can rent series and movies for a defined period:

Rental of one movie for 1 week: 350F

Series (1 season) rental for 1 week: 500F.

Series (1 season) rental for 1 month: 1500F.

NB: New contents are uploaded regularly to keep the platform fresh and attractive for you.

In case you encoutner any issue with YABADOO, contact us via Whatsapp(683008787), Facebook, Twitter or LiveChat.