How to create an account?

To create your MoMo account, you must first be properly identified. Then follow these steps:

- Dial * 126 #

- Choose your 5-digit MoMo PIN and do validate.

Can I have many MoMo account?

Yes, if you have many phone numbers (max 3), you can also have many MoMo accounts. Just dial *126# and choose your MoMo PIN. 

I created my account, how do I do to enjoy MoMo?

Dial * 126 # and enter the MoMo Menu. From there you have the options to either send money, "pay bills (ENEO, MTN bills, etc.), or even buy an MTN product or service.

How to send Money to MTN Mobile Money users?

To send money via MTN MoMo, you can use myMTN application, or

  • Dial the code *126#,
  • Select 1 "sending money".
  • Select 1 "MTN number". then enter the number of your correspondent
  • Select 2 not MTN number
  • Enter the amount, your MoMo PIN, and confirm.

How to send money via MoMo to a non-MTN subscriber?

• Dial * 126 #

• Choose "1" for "money transfer"

• Choose "2" for "to non-MTN number"

• Enter the number

• Enter the amount

• Choose a secret code, which your recipient will use to make the withdrawal.

• Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm the transfer.

NB: Once the transaction is confirmed, please send to your recipient ithe "token" code received via SMS and the secret code, because the receiver will not receive SMS.

How to buy airtime?

To buy airtime via MoMo, Dial *126#, then select "3", then "1", as illustrated below. 

NB: you receive 100% bonus after any purchase of credit via MoMo. Dial * 159 * 123 # to see your bonus.